The Clarendon Assembly Press PLP1XT has been designed for light, high-speed production and assembly tasks. The simplicity of operation with this type of press makes it ideally suited to instrument and similar delicate work.

The assembly press features machine cut teeth to ensure full engagement of ram and pinion. The table is machined square to the ram which is itself restrained radially by a keyway. Location screws and a tapped tooling hole are provided in the end of the ram for attaching customer supplied fitments. The lever arm is manually returned.

Clarendon by WEC presses have been designed and manufactured in the UK. Made with sturdy cast iron bodies and rack and pinions machined from high grade steels, these precision manual presses will stand the test of time in any harsh workshop environment.

Assembly Press Features:

  • A tapped tooling hole is provided in the end of the ram for attaching specified fitments
  • Delivers up to 325kgf pressing power
Throat depth (Max) mm 70
Capacity over table mm 110
Table surface mm 100 x 75
Ram diameter mm 22 x 175
Tapped hole in end of ram mm M10
Lever length mm 130
Approximate leverage mm 13:1
Max pressure Kgf 325
Base dimensions mm 230 x 100
Nett weight Kg 7
Hi-Spec CNC products are designed and manufactured to comply with all statutory safety requirements in force within the European Union; marked and certified accordingly.

Particular attention must be given, by the end user, to any mandatory local or national requirements, especially those relating to grinding wheels; the protection of eyes and control of substances hazardous to health.
Assembly Press Models
PLP1XT - 0.32 Ton press